• Klay Thompson

    Last updated: June 13, 2017

    Klay Thompson is an American professional basketball player. Klay is the son of former NBA player Mychal Thompson. He has two brothers Mychel and Trayce. He has a record of 484 combined three-pointers which he set with his teammate Stephen Curry. This has earned the duo the nickname, Splash Brothers or Splash Bros. He currently plays for the Golden State Warriors and is a two-time NBA All Star. Thompson currently holds an NBA record for scoring 37 points in one quarter. In 2017 he won his second NBA championship.

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    Klay Thompson Religion

    Klay is Catholic and is pretty religious. His teammates and him will usually pray before games and occasionally will read scripture. He was brought up in a Catholic household and attended a Catholic high school (Santa Margarita Catholic High School).

    Klay Thompson Political Views

    Klay is not very vocal on his political beliefs. This is different from his Dad who at one point wanted to run for Bahamian Prime Minster. He has met Obama and has visited the white house thanks to the Golden State Warriors winning an NBA championship.

    Klay Thompson Hobbies

    When not in the court, Klay enjoys walking his dog. He likes to give his dog credit for teaching him to be more responsible. He also loves playing golf and most of the times you will find him in the theater watching movies. His favorite movie is “Happy Gilmore”.

    Who is he dating?

    Thompson is dating Hannah Stocking. Stocking is a model as well as a social media advertiser. There were rumors that the two were separating but Stocking cleared the air by posting a picture of them together on Instagram.

    Interesting facts

    Klay’s favorite food is a good gyro with lamb and pita bread. His favorite TV show is “Family Guy”. He listen to reggae music and his favorite artist is Bob Marley. His favorite song is Bob Marley’s Horn mix (Is This Love). Klay’s was born in Los Angeles but his father is from the Bahamas and his mother (Julie Thompson) is European.