• Leslie Jones

    Last updated: October 17, 2016

    Leslie Jones is an American actress and comedian. She is well known for her appearances on Saturday Night Live, and more recently, the GhostBusters (2016) remake. She appeared on both of these with fellow co-star Kate McKinnon. Leslie started her career as a performer at the Just for Laughs festival. Later she got her own comedy special, Problem Child.

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    Leslie Jones Religion

    Leslie is not very vocal about religion. A few sources state she is a Christian, but it assumes that she kept her religious upbringing. She was raised as a Christian but it’s unsure what her religion is.

    Leslie Jones Hobbies

    Leslie is an avid basketball player and loves the sport. Her tall height gives her a natural advantage. She has said that comedy has always been a hobby for her. She used comedy to help her get through waitress and cashier jobs.

    Leslie Jones Political views

    Leslie is liberal and is a Democrat. She is a social justice campaigner, particularly after she received racist abuse and also criticism regarding her role in Ghostbusters. She is a big feminist and has made several outspoken statements on race relations. She supported Barack Obama when he ran for president.

    Who is she dating?

    Leslie Jones is not married, nor is she currently dating, but has stated she has had “hilarious dating experiences” in the past. She talks about these dating experiences in her comedy performances and sketches.

    Random Facts

    Leslie was a great basketball player in high school. She was one of the taller girls standing at six foot. Her basketball skills got her a scholarship to Chapman University. Being this tall was originally a source of insecurity for her, but she learned to use it to her advantage. Her interest in comedy peaked after she was secretly entered into a “funniest person on campus” competition. This was when she considered she might actually have some talent.


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