• Linda Cardellini

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Linda Cardellini is an American actress. Known for her role in Freaks and Geeks and Scooby-doo, Linda was born on June 25 1975 in Redwood City California. She is the youngest of four children. Linda grew up in the San Francisco Bay area in California. While attending school, she made her first appearance on the stage when she was 10. Linda became interested in acting after she sang in her first school play and took part in several school productions after. She also started taking drama lessons while graduating from St. Francis High School. In order to pursue her acting career, she decided to move to LA. She landed a role in Freaks and Greeks, and was later cast in her first TV series Bone Chillers. Her upcoming film is Hunter Killer co-starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman. She also continues to play Meg Rayburn in the Netflix original series Bloodline.
    Linda Cardellini religion hobbies political views

    Linda Cardellini Religion

    Born to a Catholic mother, Linda is a follower of the Catholic faith. Her Italian descent makes her a more faithful follower of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope.

    Linda Cardellini Political Views

    Linda is a Democrat and is supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Elections. She believes in the right to choose and the equally for all. Her views and thoughts are lean liberal toward people of different cultural backgrounds and religions.

    Linda Cardellini Hobbies

    Linda loves art, especially that of Margaret Keane. She also enjoyed taking martial art classes. In an interview in 2015, she said that she loved spending time with her daughter and does whatever she can do for her when she is not working.

    Who is She Dating?

    After she broke-up with her Freaks and Geeks co-star Jason Segal, fiver years after the show got canceled, she began dating Steven Rodriguez in 2009. The couple together has daughter Lilah-Rose. Lilah-Rose was born in February 2012. Following the birth of their daughter, Steven and Linda became engaged in June 2013.

    Interesting Facts

    Her last name means “goldfinches” in Italian, although her full name means a beautiful lime tree. She ranked #93 in FHM’s list of the 100 sexiest women in the world.