• Louis C.K.

    Last updated: April 25, 2017

    Louis “C.K.” Szekely is an American comedian, actor, writer, and producer. CK is most commonly known today for his Netflix television series, Louie, which started off on FX. He’s a very popular comedian and began his career writing for comedians in the 90’s. These included Chris Rock, David Letterman, and Conan O’Brien. Louis was born in Washington D.C. to Luis and Mary Szekely. Luis was an economist and Mary was a software engineer. His parents met at Harvard University, which is where his father graduated.

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    Louis C.K. Religion

    He was raised Catholic by his single mother in Newton, Massachusetts. However, he says he is Agnostic.

    Louis C.K. Political Views

    Louis revealed his opinion on the 2016 Election while describing the candidates with this great analogy,”It’s like if you were on a plane and you wanted to choose a pilot. You have one person, Hillary, who says, “Here’s my license. Here’s all the thousands of flights that I’ve flown. Here’s planes I’ve flown in really difficult situations. I’ve had some good flights and some bad flights, but I’ve been flying for a very long time, and I know exactly how this plane works.” Then you’ve got Bernie, who says, ‘Everyone should get a ride right to their house with this plane.’ Well, how are you going to do that? ‘I just think we should. It’s only fair that everyone gets to use the plane equally. And then Trump says, ‘I’m going to fly so well. You’re not going to believe how good I’m going to fly this plane, and by the way, Hillary never flew a plane in her life.’ ‘She did, and we have pictures’ ‘No, she never did it.’ It’s insane.”

    Louis C.K. Hobbies

    Louis loves spending time with his daughters and talking about new ideas with coworkers and friends.

    Who is He Dating?

    CK dated Sarah Silverman back in 1990. He also divorced his wife, Alix Bailey, after Andrew Dice Clay heard his bit about his dysfunctional marriage. He is thought to be single today.

    Random Facts

    Louis graduated in the same class as Friends star, Matt LeBlanc from Newton North High School. At 27 years old Louis opened for Jerry Senfeld and the two have remained friends since! His production company is called Pig Newton because his daughter thought ‘Fig Newtons’ were ‘Pig Newtons.’