• Mädchen Amick

    Last updated: November 8, 2017

    Mädchen Amick is an American actress. Her best-known role has been on the cult 1990s TV show Twin Peaks where she played waitress Shelly Johnson. Amick reprised her role as Shelly in Twin Peaks: The Return and is also appearing on The CW series Riverdale as Alice Cooper, Betty’s mother. Her other screen credits include Gossip Girl, American Horror Story: Hotel and the 1992 horror movie Sleepwalkers.

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    Mädchen Amick Religion

    We haven’t found anything to openly identify what Mädchen’s religion or spiritual beliefs are. She is vocal about maintaining a healthy balance in your life between the personal needs and the needs of one’s family, job and relationships.


    Mädchen Amick Politics

    In her own words, Mädchen describes herself as a “bleeding heart liberal”. She has vocally supported rights for transgender students to use bathrooms for the sex that they identify with. (1)

    “I feel that who your heart loves, what clothes you choose to wear, or what you want to do with your body, is your own damn business,” Mädchen said in a blog post from 2017. “I have never understood the part of our society that feels they have the right to tell you if you should love someone from another race or sex. What sexual positions are allowed in your own bedroom. Whether you should or shouldn’t identify with the sex that you were born with. Or all of the other obnoxious rules and regulations that society wants to put on our lives.”

    Mädchen Amick Relationships

    Mädchen married her husband, songwriter David Alexis, in 1992. The couple have been married for over 25 years and have two grown children, daughter Mina and son Sylvester.


    Mädchen Amick Trivia

    • Her first name is of German origin and pronounced “May-chen”. It translates as “girl”.
    • Her Twin Peaks friend and director David Lynch gave her the nickname “Madschen”.
    • She directed, edited and produced a music video for Mina Tobias titled “Kings & Queens”.


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