• Maggie Q

    Last updated: September 27, 2016

    Maggie Q also known as Margaret Denise Quigley is an american actress and model. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Maggie is known for starring in the Vacation films, Mission Impossible, and Live Free or Die Hard. She was also featured in the series Nikita as the main star as well as in the movie Divergent.

    maggie q religion hobbies political views

    Maggie Q Religion

    Maggie was raised Catholic. As an adult, she seems to have shifted her interest into Buddhism. She has been studying Buddhism for over 8 years. Surprisingly, she still honors her Catholic roots and seems to be a mix of Catholic/Buddhist.

    Maggie Q Political Views

    She is a liberal Democrat who helped raise funds for Obama’s campaign in 2012. She once acknowledged Michelle Obama speech saying that it made her feel more like an independent woman. Maggie has been very supportive of president Obama and adores Michelle Obama. She is big with animals rights, and as a result is a vegetarian.

    Maggie Q Hobbies

    She enjoys spending times with animals and doing Yoga. She has rescued over 7 animals and is passionate about protecting animal rights. Her favorite workout routine involves a lot of stretching and doing yoga.

    Who is she dating?

    Maggie Q’s dating history has always been somewhat private. From what we can tell it appears that she is currently dating Daniel Henry. In the past she was rumored to be dating her Nikita co-star Thomas Care in 2011. There were also rumors that she dated her Naked Weapon co-Star, Daniel Wu.

    Random Facts

    1. Maggie wants to be a vet. She considered attending a veterinary training school before ditching college for modeling.
    2. Yoga is her main form of exercise.
    4. Maggie co-produced a documentary called Earthlings which was about animal cruelty.
    5. She has rescued 7 dogs as of 2016.
    6. Maggie Q’s favorite word is “literally”.