• Mandy Moore

    Last updated: September 27, 2016

    Mandy Moore or Amanda Leigh Moore is a singer, actress, and songwriter. Her first hit was the 1999 debut single called “Candy” which, notably, ranked 41 on the Billboard Hot 100. She has voice acted quite a few video games and is now waited to act on a Disney television series in 2017 too.

    mandy moore religion hobbies

    Mandy Moore Religion

    Mandy was raised as a Catholic-Christian,”but not even a good Catholic” as she said. Currently, she believes a mixture of things and she doesn’t consider herself as a religious person, but as a spiritual one. Having made the impression of being religious due to the movies she has played in (such as Walk to Remember) it can make it hard for her fans to believe she’s not religious.

    Mandy Moore Political Views

    Having sung the “Fight Song” promoting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, she is thought of being a Democrat. She has also tweeted quotes from Michelle Obama’s speeches and Barack Obama’s website for his campaign in the 2012 elections. Although she hasn’t admitted anything, she is most likely Democratic.

    Mandy Moore Hobbies

    Moore enjoys playing tennis and cooking food. When she has the time, she also enjoys watching movies.

    Who is She Dating?

    Currently, she is dating Taylor Goldsmith – the guitarist from the band “Dawes”. They have been dating since July  of 2015.

    Before that she dated Ryan Adams. Ryan is also a singer and songwriter. They got married in 2009 and in January 2015 Mandy filed a divorce. The reason was due to”irreconcilable differences”. The divorce was finalized in June 2016. It appears it was done in a somewhat friendly manner and they say there are no hard feelings involved.

    Interesting Facts

    She is quite tall at about 5 feet and 10 inches (1.78 meters). Because of this, she starterd own fashion line called “Mblem” as she wanted to provide clothing for taller women like herself.

    Philanthropy is one things she is really good at as she endorses effective altruism. It’s a rather broad term, but it basically means she is trying to find the best way to improve the world and put it to practice.