• Marion Cotillard

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Marion Cotillard is a French actress, singer, and spokesperson for Greenpeace. She is known for her roles in movies like Inception (2010), The Dark Night Rises (2012),  Nine (2009), The Immigrant (2013), and Midnight in Paris (2011). Marion was born in Paris, France. As a child she spent her time near the city of Orléans. Both of her parents were artistically inclined so she grew up in a creative household. Her father is a director and her mother is a drama teacher and actress. Cotillard got her start in acting as a child and appeared on stage to one of the plays her father directed. She has an upcoming movie in 2016 with co-star Brad Pitt called Allied.

    marion cotillard religion hobbies

    Marion Cotillard Religion

    Marion appears to be more spiritual than religious, or almost Agnostic. She addresses that she believes in a higher power and an afterlife. “So I really think that we are more than just a body with a brain, heart, and soul that lives for a set amount of time”. She says she isn’t Catholic, which is the dominant religion in France, making her most likely just Agnostic.

    Marion Cotillard Political Views

    If she took part in American politics, she would definitely be progressive or liberal. She is extremely passionate about the environment and is even a spokesperson for Greenpeace. She often seems to follow some conspiracy theories, such as the moon landing, saying she finds interest in those perspectives.

    Marion Cotillard Hobbies

    Cotillard loves spending time in nature as well as listening to music. The environment is one of her biggest passions in life. She also enjoys listening to music, citing RadioHead as one of her favorites

    Who is she dating?

    Since 2007, Marion Cotillard has been dating Guillaume Canet. He is a French actor and director. Together they have one child but have not married. In 2016, rumors started going around of a possible affair with her and Brad Pitt. This rumor gained more to attention after Brad Pitt’s divorce with Angelina Jolie in 2016.

    Interesting Facts

    Cotillard was named as the “Most Bankable French Actress of the 21st Century”. This is due to the fact that in total her films generated more than 37 million ticket sales in France. This was within a time span of 13 years, 2001 to 2014. She is first and only actress to achieve an Academy Award for acting using French as the language. As of 2016 this achievement has not been matched.