• Matt Bomer

    Last updated: January 12, 2017

    Matt Bomer is an American actor. He is well known for his role as Neal Caffrey on the TV show White Collar (2009-2014). He also has appeared in the American Horror Story as well as Chuck. In 2014 he won a Golden Globe Award for his role on the TV film The Normal Heart (2014). Some movies he has been in include Magic MikeFlightplan, The Nice Guys, and Winter’s Tale.

    matt bomer religion hobbies political views

    Matt Bomer Religion

    Matt appears to be non-religious and doesn’t have any religious affiliation. Although he isn’t religious he is accepting of other religions. Based on this he would be considered an Atheist.

    Matt Bomer Political Views

    When it comes to politics, Bomer leans more liberal on issues. It appears he is a Democrat and has supported Barack Obama in his presidential campaigns. As an openly gay man, he is a big supporter of the LGTB community and is public about his views of tolerance.

    Matt Bomer Hobbies

    He is a big fan of sports and loves playing and watching football and baseball. He also enjoys playing the guitar and singing. One of his favorite TV shows is 30 Rock.

    Who is he dating?

    Matt Bomer is openly gay and is married to his husband Simon Halls. Together they have three kids. They have been married since 2011, and didn’t announce it to the public until 2012.

    Random Facts

    Matt Bomer’s father was an NFL player and played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1972 to 1974. He is actually a talented singer and has sung professionally. Another interesting fact is that he’s the only actor to portray Superman in both real and animated form.