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    Last updated: February 5, 2019

    Matt LeBlanc is an American actor, former model and television host best known for playing the part of Joey Tribbiani for 10 seasons on the sitcom Friends, and in the spinoff series Joey. LeBlanc began his career by appearing in commercials and small television roles in the late 1980s. He had limited success in 1993 when LeBlanc toplined a spinoff of Married…with Children called Top of the Heap, but that Fox sitcom was cancelled before it reached double digits in episodes. Friends came along in 1994 and made Matt LeBlanc a star, winning him a Golden Globe Award and four Emmy Award nominations.

    Born on July 25, 1967 in Newton, Massachusetts, his middle name is Steven. His zodiac sign is Leo.

    Matt LeBlanc his religion politics dating beliefs

    Matt LeBlanc – His Religion

    The good-looking guy hasn’t spoken to the press about his personal beliefs about God. Matt’s mother came from Italy, a country that’s predominately Catholic. Matt’s father is French-Canadian, from a province that is also heavily Catholic. It’s possible that the Mama and Papa LeBlanc share the same faith as their countrymen, but whether that was passed on to Matt is a question mark.


    Matt LeBlanc – His Politics

    On this subject we know that Matt hasn’t expressed publicly his political leanings. He’s said upfront that he’s not comfortable discussing politics or any sort of business that’s nobody’s business but their own. However, his name is listed as being a Republican on a site that claims to identify stars’ political leanings. The thing about that is, we can’t find any corroborating evidence to back up their claim. (1)

    In 2018, some people started looking back at the Friends TV show and felt that some of the show’s humor hadn’t aged well. Specifically, scenes showing the main characters feeling uncomfortable about homosexuality and transgender people.

    LeBlanc was asked how he felt about the way Friends dealt with things back in the ’90s.

    “On Top Gear we tend to steer clear of any sort of political content, nothing too topical,” LeBlanc quipped. “On Friends we steered clear of that kind of thing, too. Friends was about themes that stand the test of time – trust, love, relationships, betrayal, family and things like that.”

    “I’m not in the business of making political jokes, politically incorrect jokes.” (2)

    To us, that sounds like a man who doesn’t share their thoughts on government or God in front of microphones.


    Matt LeBlanc – His Relationships

    LeBlanc has been married. From 2003 to 2006 Matt was the husband to Melissa McKnight, a model. They have one daughter named Marina. (3)

    Matt is estranged from his father Paul. The trouble began when the younger LeBlanc achieved fame on Friends, and the media hungry masses wanted to know more about who Matt was off-camera. Matt’s father saw a financial opportunity to make money from his son’s stardom, and went for it.

    “Since then he has sold stories about me to tabloids. We don’t really speak anymore,” Matt says. “You can learn valuable lessons from unpleasant people.” (4)


    Matt LeBlanc – Hobbies & Trivia

    • When he auditioned for the role of Joey in Friends, Matt had $11 left to his name. By the end of the series he was earning $1 million dollars an episode. (3)
    • Matt is a fan of cars, which is one of the reasons he took the job of hosting Top Gear for three seasons.




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