• Melissa Benoist

    Last updated: October 9, 2017

    Melissa Benoist is an American actress and singer. She came into prominence with her portrayal of the main character, Kara Zor-El, in the CBS superhero drama series Supergirl. She has also been featured in a number of TV series including The Good Wife and Homeland. The films that Melissa has been in are The Longest Ride and Whiplash. Whiplash went on to win an Academy Award in 2014.

    melissa benoist religion political views

    Melissa Benoist Religion & Personal Beliefs

    Melissa has not made her religious beliefs known. There are some reports that she is a Christian but the actress has never outright stated what her faith is.

    She has spoken on the topic of being a role model for young women in a crowded landscape of male superhero shows. “You know, I hate to say that I do [get frustrated] because I consider myself a feminist. I’m very proud to be a woman,” she told Vanity Fair. “But I do think focusing on it so much that you forget that it’s a story about humanity and what it means to be saving people’s lives. I don’t know if it’s frustrating, but I don’t know the word for it

    Melissa Benoist Political Views

    Melissa appears to lean more towards being a liberal Democrat. She is been fairly outspoken of her disapproval towards the Republican party. Melissa recently gained attention for her sign made for Republican president, Donald Trump, which said, “”Hey Donald, Don’t try to grab my p—y — it’s made of steel”.

    In October 2015, Republican leadership candidate Jeb Bush branded the actress as “hot” while at a campaign stop at Los Angeles. Melissa definitely felt uncomfortable when this comment was aired and she said that she is really at a loss of words and did not know how to react. But quickly added that she was very happy that Jeb Bush had the time to watch her show on TV.

    Melissa Benoist Hobbies

    She loves riding bikes and is a big fan of tattoos. However, she admits that the process of getting a tattoo is really painful. She also loves watching movies and is a big fan of Michael Fassbender. Not many people know that Melissa is also a very talented singer.

    Who is she dating?

    Melissa met her future husband, Blake Jenner, on the set of Glee. The two characters in the show were romantically linked and this spilled into real-life. When they got married they didn’t let the public know. It took fans almost two months to figure out that she got married.

    In December 2016 Melissa filed for divorce from Blake citing irreconcilable differences. The marriage lasted less than two years. (5)

    Random Facts

    Her natural hair color is brunette but she turned blonde to play the role of Supergirl. She had successfully auditioned for Glee in New York and sung five different songs for her five auditions.


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