• Mike Leach

    Last updated: November 2, 2016

    Mike Leach is a college football coach for Washington State University. Before coming to Washington State, he was the head coach at Texas Tech. While he was there, he lead them to 10 straight bowl appearances. Since coming to WSU, he has led the team to three straight bowl appearances and getting the team ranked two years in a row.

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    Mike Leach Religion

    Mike is Mormon. He graduated from BYU which is a religious college. He says that he is still pretty religious and attends Church when he can. Leach says he tries to follow the Mormon beliefs but admits he isn’t perfect, such as drinking caffeine. Overall he is a practicing Mormon but isn’t as strict as others.

    Mike Leach Political Views

    Leach is a conservative Republican. He received media attention for endorsing Donald Trump in 2016. Mike is even a friend of Donald Trump and opened for him Trump when he came to Spokane to rally. He holds a lot of traditional social views that align with others from the Mormon faith.

    Mike Leach Hobbies

    He enjoys reading books, learning about history, and going for walks. Some of his favorite topics involve Native Americans, pirates, explorers, and American History.

    Who is he dating?

    He is married to Sharon Leach. They met in college at BYU. Together they have four children and live in Pullman, Washington, where Leach coaches football.

    Random Facts

    Although he is a college coach, Mike Leach did not play any football in college. He runs something called an “air-raid offense” which means his quarterbacks throw the ball a lot more and form a more spread out formation. When he was the coach at Texas Tech, he led the team to 10 straight bowl wins.