• Mike Trout

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Mike Trout is an American baseball player. As of 2016, he plays for the Los Angeles Angels. In 2014 he was named the MVP for the American league. He has been voted an all star 5 times, and has won the All-Star Game MVP twice. He was the first round pick in the 2009 MLB draft and later became the 2012 rookie of the year. He was so highly recruited that he was drafted out of high school, which is extremely rare for a Major League player. He is arguably one of the best young players in the MLB. He is known for his hitting skills, impressive defensive skills, and his speed.

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    Mike Trout Religion

    Not much is known about his religion, but it appears that he isn’t very religious. He grew up in a blue collar family in New Jersey and has been very humble about his experience. If you know anything about his religion feel free to comment below!

    Mike Trout Hobbies

    He enjoys playing golf and wants to be a meteorologist. Mike calls himself a “weather geek” and absolutely loves following storms and weather patterns. He even has a folder on his phone called, “Weather”, which is where he puts all of his weather apps.

    Mike Trout Political Views

    He hasn’t talked much about his political beliefs, but it appears he might lean slightly liberal. He is from the liberal state of New Jersey and came from a hard working blue collar family. This might suggest that he is closer to a Democrat if we had to guess.

    Mike Trout Random Facts

    One of his favorite burger places from his home town is called, Jim’s Lunch. He has a favorite order he always gets there which is is six small hamburgers, but with no cheese.

    His nickname is the Melville Meteor. He got this nickname after someone secretly edited his Wikipedia page and changed it to this. Everyone seemed to embrace the nickname and it stuck.





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