• Milo Yiannopoulus

    Last updated: February 21, 2017

    Milo Yiannopoulos  or Milo Hanrahan or Milo Andreas Wagner is a British journalist, author speaker, and former editor for Breitbart News. Amid recent controversy in February 2017, Milo resigned as a writer for Breitbart News. Milo is known as an outspoken gay “cultural libertarian” who has no problem sharing his views.  In 2014 he sold his own online magazine, The Kernel, to Daily Dot Media. Since then he has worked at Breitbart News until resigning in 2017. He considers himself to be a reporter of the “alt-right” movement and often goes after the “regressive left”.

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    Milo Yiannopoulos Religion

    Milo is of Jewish heritage, but is currently a practicing Catholic. He identifies as a Catholic with Jewish heritage. Growing up his mother was Jewish but he eventually moved towards the Catholic faith where he continues to practice it today.

    Milo Yiannopoulos Political Views

    He considers himself to be a “cultural libertarian”, and tends to lean more conservative on issues. He is against feminism, transgender people, abortions, and other beliefs that are often associate with the “alt-right”. The “alt-right” movement is considered to be a very conservative and radical view coined by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He says he is more of a reporter and speaker of the “alt-right” movement rather than a huge follower. Milo is a big supporter of Donald Trump and even jokes that he is a Trump-sexual.

    Milo Yiannopoulos Hobbies

    He is a big fan of writing and public speaking. He loves presenting his thoughts and loves raising discussion and controversy.

    Who is he dating?

    Milo is currently single. He gained some attention by sharing that he only likes to date “black guys”. He is openly gay and definitely has his preferences and types.

    Random Facts

    In 2016 Milo was actually banned from Twitter. They cited that he was targeting abuse and harassment towards others. His mother is British and his father is Greek. When he was younger, he originally wanted to write about theatre. However, after researching women in computing, he began to shift his focus to technology journalism.