• Minnie Driver

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Minnie Driver is an English actress and a renowned song-writer. She was born Amelia Fiona Driver on January 31st, 1970. Minnie grew up in Marylebone, London to Gaynor Churchward and Charles Driver. Her acting carrier kicked off in 1991 when she appeared on a TV commercial for Right Guard. She has released three different music albums. For her acting career, she received an Academy Awards nomination for best supporting actress in Good Will Hunting (1997). She has also received a Golden Globe award and Emmy for her role in The Riches (2007-2008). Currently she is one of the lead roles on the TV show Speechless (2016-).

    minnie driver religion hobbies

    Minnie Driver Religion

    She was born Catholic but appears to be more spiritual now. Minnie says that she is a follower of Eastern meditation practices and has confessed that she really loves yoga. It appears that mediation is the closest thing she has to following a religion.

    Minnie Driver Political Views

    Her political views aren’t well known, but she appears to be a firm supporter of same sex marriage. In 2012 she attended the Democratic convention so it would appear that she is a Democrat or at least liberal.

    Minnie Driver Hobbies

    Minnie’s hobbies include surfing, acting, and doing yoga. As mentioned above, she absolutely loves yoga and uses it to calm her mind as well as stay in shape.

    Who is she dating?

    It appears that she is currently dating writer, Neville Wakefield. She also has a son with Timothy J. Lea, whom she briefly dated back in 2008. Some actors she has dated in the past include Matt Damon and John Cusack.

    Random Facts

    Minnie once got sued by her neighbor for vandalism their property. In the past, it took Minnie many years to finally identify her child’s father. She has also closed her Twitter account due to a Bikini photo backfiring on her.


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