• Molly C. Quinn

    Last updated: November 7, 2016

    Molly C. Quinn or Caitlyn Quinn is an American actress. She was born in Texas and started acting in 2006. She has acted in numerous films such as The First Time, My One and Only, We’re the Millers and Disney’s A Christmas Carol just to mention some.

    molly c. quin religion political views

    Molly Caitlyn Quinn Religion

    Her religion is not well known. However, there is one source that suggests that she is a Christian and she believes in God. She is still young and we expect to learn more as her career continues.

    Molly C. Quinn Hobbies

    Molly is a clam girl who seems to be very quiet. Her hobbies are not publicly known but we won’t be wrong if we said that she loves socializing and acting. She also loves dancing and doing gymnastics.

    Molly C. Quinn Political Views

    Caitlyn has not declared her political views publicly. It would not be wise if we decide to speculate her views. It proves to be very tough to speculate the political views of these new age artistes.

    Who is she dating?

    The calm lady is currently single after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Tavarez. She has not been seen moving out with another guy since the couple fell apart.

    Random Facts

    1. Molly did not start her career as a film star, she started as a gynamist and dancer.

    2. She has Irish blood in her.

    3. Her net worth is around $3 million.

    4. She won an award for the Best Newcomer in a short film The Sacrifice at the Monaco International Film festival in 2009.