• Morena Baccarin

    Last updated: November 17, 2016

    Morena Baccarin is a Brazilian actress. She is of Italian descent. Morena moved to New York with her father at the age of 10 and was enrolled at the LaGuardia High School and Juilliard School for her acting career lessons. Some of her earliest theater works include Firefly (2002), Roger Dodger (2002) and The Seagull. Morena is widely known for the TV show Homeland, Gotham, and Deadpool.

    morena baccarin religion political views

    Morena Baccarin Religion

    Morena was born to Jewish parents, and she has never mentioned a change of faith. In the Homeland series, she acted a scene out where she was in favor of the Quran but later on explained to her fans via Twitter that she was just playing by the scripts, nothing more.

    Morena Baccarin Political Views

    Morena’s political views are liberal. She was raised by liberal parents and is pretty outspoken about her views when asked. She is part of the Draw the Line campaign which supports women and their choices about reproduction and health. Morena is also a supporter of the LGTB community. Although liberal, she has not publicly declared whether she is a Democrat or a Republican.

    Morena Baccarin Hobbies

    Besides acting, Morena passionately enjoys cooking and working out during her free time. She has thrown several dinner parties at her place so that her friends can enjoy her French and Italian cooking. She also enjoys road trips.

    Who is she dating?

    Morena is currently dating Ben Mckenzie. Together they have one child. Initially, Morena was married to renowned American Film producer Austin Chick back in 2011. As of now, they are still in the process of signing their divorce papers.

    Random Facts

    1. Despite the fact that she was born in Rio de Janeiro, she is of Italian descent.
    2. She was named after a character (Morena) played by her mom in 1976 in a show called “O Vampiro de Copacabana.”
    3. She was born into a show biz family. Her mother was an actress, her father a journalist and her uncle Ivan Setta was also a celebrated screen director in Brazil.
    4. She met her current boyfriend (Ben Mckenzie) when she was guest starring in Josh Schwartz’s The O.C.