• Nash Grier

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Nash Grier is an internet personality, known for his Vine videos, which he began sharing online in 2013. He was born on December 28, 1997 and was raised in North Carolina by his parents, Chad Grier and Elizabeth Floyd. He has an older brother named Will, a younger brother named Hayes (who also shares Vine videos) and a younger half-sister named Skylynn.

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    Nash Grier Religion

    Nash is a Jesus-loving Christian who frequently uses his bible app on his iPhone while travelling on the road. He goes out of his way to maintain a clean reputation by refusing to swear and is careful about what he says and does online. He doesn’t want to offend any of his fans, most of which who are young as well. He encourages others with this mindset by posting things online with hashtags such as #HolyBible.

    Nash Grier Political Views

    It’s hard to say where he stands politically, but he has tweeted that he knows what is happening and that it isn’t working. He seems to want change but doesn’t go into detail about how to bring about that change or which party he supports.

    Nash Grier Hobby

    As a typical teenager, he gets most of his enjoyment out of pranking his friends and pretending to steal someone’s girlfriend. And if it ends up on Vine, even better. He also thoroughly enjoys sleep.

    Who is he Dating?

    Nash is currently dating Tylor Giavasis. The two have been romantically inclined for well over a year, after they were spotted snuggling on a trip to Paris in October of 2013. They were able to hide their relationship for quite some time, not breaking it to the press or fans.

    Random Facts

    Nash is one of the most followed people on Vine. He is 6 feet tall and prefers dogs over cats.He lived in Los Angeles with friends for 9 months before they were evicted. He doesn’t like ketchup. His celebrity crush is Jennifer Lawrence. Toy Story 3 made him tear up. Nash says if he could work on a film with any star, it would be Leonardo DiCaprio. Nash believes Leo is a great role model for him.


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