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    Last updated: May 22, 2018

    Pauley Perrette is an American actress who is best known for playing the character of Abby Sciuto on 15 seasons of NCIS. She is also a singer, a documentary producer and a published poet. Pauley is also a vocal supporter animal rights organizations and LGBT causes.

    Perrette was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 27, 1969. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

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    Pauley Perrette – Her Religion

    Pauley is a Methodist, a denomination of Protestant Christianity. Methodism places an emphasis on helping those that are poor and fallen on hard times. There is a strict following of the scripture, and also an emphasis on using music and song to praise God.

    While there were times in Pauley’s life that she didn’t attend a church, she still believed in God and felt His presence around her.

    “I feel that every day of my life, especially in my faith journey, it makes more and more sense to me that God’s hand has been right there, all the time. Every move. Even the giant forks in the road that just seemed confusing to me, because I don’t have all the information,” she said about her life’s journey. (1)

    Currently Pauley’s home church is Hollywood United Methodist in California.

    My faith was always strong, but I just hadn’t been in a church community and my real estate agent, years ago, was the happiest person I had ever met,” she explained.” I was having a really bad time in my life one time and I was like, I need to go to that church where that happy guy goes. And I walked into Hollywood United Methodist. It felt different than any church I had ever been in in my life. Every part of this church’s DNA, every part of it, is about love and not judgment, complete acceptance, grace, forgiveness, and equality for everyone. (1)


    Pauley Perrette – Her Religious Tattoo

    Perrette has several tattoos on her body, which helped her land the part of the gothic-alt NCIS forensic speciality Abby Sciuto. One of Pauley’s tattoos has a unique religious meaning to her.

    “I have Romans 12:21 tattooed on my finger,” Perrette explained. “It’s, ‘Don’t be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good,’ and that’s been an incredible mantra for me. I’m very sensitive to cruelty and injustice and bad things that are happening in the world. It gave me my power back that mantra.” (1)

    Pauley Perrette – Her Politics

    While there is no smoking gun evidence that indicates Pauley supports one political party, circumstantial evidence points towards her being a liberal and perhaps a Democrat voter.

    In January 2017 Pauley’s fanbase learned that the actress was not a supporter of Donald Trump. In a fiery Twitter storm Perrette talked about her recent personal hardships, losing friends, and of her concerns for her (Republican) father who was in the hospital at the time.

    “I believe in living simply, being honest, working hard, fighting injustice, and GOD,” Perrette tweeted. “But SOMEONE want to play God. But you’re not God. My loving God, who would NOT be building walls, pulling people off planes, judging and punishing. … You are a power hungry, flawed, narcissist who does not feel that we are all human.

    There were legitimate Republican candidates, in my opinion,” she added. “But you chose an insane dictator who just wants to win, and is nuts and doesn’t give a s**t about you. Just wants to rule the world.” (2)

    Given her January 2017 statements about her beliefs being very different than her Republican father (but Perrette pointed out that doesn’t stop either of them from loving the other), we’re leaning towards putting Pauley in the left crowd.


    Pauley Perrette – Her Relationships

    Pauley was married for three years to Coyote Shivers, a musician. The relationship ended in divorce after Perrette accused Shivers of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Shivers denied his ex’s claims, and said that Perrette was emotionally abusive to him. However, two other former women in Shivers’ life have also stepped forward to make abuse claims about him. (2)


    Pauley Perrette – NCIS Controversy

    In October 2017 Pauley said that the 15th season of NCIS would be her last. As her final episode came to air in May 2018, Perrette insinuated on Twitter that one of the reasons she left the highly-rated TV show was because of “multiple physical assaults” that occured on the NCIS set:

    Pauley’s former employer, CBS Studios, quickly addressed the enigmatic tweets issued by their former star: “Over a year ago, Pauley came to us with a workplace concern. We took the matter seriously and worked with her to find a resolution. We are committed to a safe work environment on all our shows.” (4)


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