• Post Malone

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Post Malone, or Austin Richard Post, is an American singer, guitarist and record producer. He blew up in February 2015 when he released his debut commercial single “White Iverson”. In August of the same year, Malone landed a deal with Republic Records. He grew up in Dallas Texas, where his dad was the Director of Food and Beverage for the Dallas Cowboys. He credits his dad as being a big influence in terms of the wide variety of music he was exposed to. He learned how to produce music through FL Studio and compiled his first mixtape at 16 years old. He showed some classmates and gained popularity at his high school for being a talented musician.

    post malone religion hobbies views

    Post Malone Religion

    It is unclear whether or not Malone is religious or not. He appeared on The Breakfast Club radio show with his girlfriend and seemed very down to earth and stated he had morals and would never cheat on her. He most likely has a power he believes in, whether it’s Christian, Judaism, agnosticism, etc.

    Post Malone Political Views

    There’s not much that’s known about Post’s political views. Be sure to comment below if you know of anything!

    Post Malone Hobbies

    He loves to play Guitar Hero and watch the Dallas Cowboys play.

    Who is he Dating?

    He met his girlfriend, Ashley, when she booked him to do a show at the club she worked at.

    Random Facts

    His passion for hip hop first started when his father bought him True Story by Terror Squad which featured his favorite song on the album, “Lean Back.” He’s also a big fan of the Dallas Mavericks and referenced a handful of basketball legends in his song “White Iverson” including Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan, and James Harden. He has worked with heavy hitters in the music industry including Kanye West on his latest album, The life of Pablo.



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