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    Last updated: February 4, 2019

    Rob Gronkowski is an American football player for the New England Patriots in the NFL. Gronkowski plays tight end for the team. In his college football years Gronkowski played for the Arizona Wildbacks and scored six touchdowns.

    Born on May 14, 1989 in Amherst, New York, his friends and teammates refer to him as “Gronk”. Born under the sign of Taurus, his full name is Robert James Gronkowski.

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    Rob Gronkowski – His Religion

    Gronkowski hasn’t spoken publicly yet about his personal beliefs.

    If we want clues, we can look at where Rob was raised. Statistical information compiled about the citizens in Amherst, New York state that 52.7% of the city’s population are religious, and 38.8% follow the Catholic faith. (1)

    Gronkowski touched on the subject of religion when he was asked about intolerance in the United States.

    “In sports, a team is surrounded with people with different backgrounds, with different races, and with different religions,” Gronkowski said. “In order to win, everybody comes together. I feel like that’s what the USA represents. Everyone just has to come together in order to win.” (2)


    Rob Gronkowski – His Politics

    On this issue Rob has had to duck questions. Shortly after the Patriots visited the White House in 2017, Gronkowski was asked by a reporter what his opinion was of President Trump being a fan of the football team.

    “We’re just focused on the season. We got a lot of fans. We just gotta be prepared. Big game coming up next week. We love our fans, man. We take on all fan,” the Gronk said diplomatically. (3)

    Gronk sounds like he’s 100% behind President Trump, and therefore Republican, but that he’s afraid to say it publicly and attract any backlash.


    Rob Gronkowski – His Relationships

    Rob is the fourth of five brothers. His father is Gordy and mother is Diane. They are divorced. (4)

    “Rob had something like 65 scholarship offers, and I asked, ‘Where are you going? Syracuse? Ohio State?'” explained Gordon in the book All-American XV Leap of Faith. “He goes, ‘University of Arizona.’ I asked, ‘Why there?’ ‘Dad, if you ever went to a pool party at Arizona, you’d understand.'”

    Gronkowski is dating Camille Kostek, an Instagram and Sports Illustrated model. (5)



    Photo by Jeffrey Beall. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 International License


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