• Robert Herjavec

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Robert Herjavec is a Canadian businessman, author, and founder of the Herjavec Group. He is one of the stars of ABC’s popular TV show “Shark Tank” and its Canadian counterpart, “Dragon’s Den.” He is the author books and was the founder of BRAK systems. He later sold this company to AT&T for over $30 million.

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    Robert Herjavec Religion

    Robert is an Orthodox Christian. In one of his interviews last year, Herjavec said that he turned to his Pastor for guidance after getting depressed following his divorce.

    Robert Herjavec Hobbies

    Herjavec loves car racing and is an avid car collector. He also has a few rare cars in his collection. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast and owns multiple racing Ducati’s. Robert also is into golfing, marathon running, and scuba diving.

    Robert Herjavec Political Views

    Robert is a Canadian Conservative. In his interview with Larry King, he admitted that he thinks Stephen Harper is the better Prime Minister.

    Who is he dating?

    Herjavec just recently married his former “Dancing With The Stars” partner Kym Johnson. The two first met in 2015 on the set of DWTS when they became dance partners. Shortly after they fell in love and got engaged in March 2016. Together they tied the knot on July 31st, 2016. He received some critisism since she was 39 and he was 53 at the time of their wedding. Herjavec was previously married to Diane Plese for 24 years. The couple separated in 2014 but the divorce wasn’t finalized until earlier this year.

    Random Facts

    Herjavec loves to compete in the Ferrari Challenge. In 2011 he took home the Rookie of the Year award.

    When he was younger he worked as a waiter. When he wasn’t working he was busy working on starting his company, BRAK Systems. This was his first tech company and in 2000 he sold it to AT&T for $30.2 million.

    Herjavec plays accordion pretty well, and he thinks he’d probably have been a baseball player if he didn’t become an entrepreneur.