• Ryan Gosling

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor, producer, and musician. He was born and raised in Canada. Ryan and his family moved around a lot because of their Mormon faith. In 1993, he got his first acting job with Disney. Ryan got to play the star of the Mickey Mouse Club. He then followed this with his role on Goosebumps in 1996. Later he gained even more attention through the movie, The Notebook.

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    Ryan Gosling Religion

    Ryan was raised as a Mormon. He has stated that, “the religion influenced every aspect of our lives”. This involved his family having to move around a lot. It seems like he has since left the Mormon faith. This is due to the fact that he no longer makes references to having any religious beliefs.

    Ryan Gosling Hobbies

    In a recent interview, Ryan admitted that one of his favorite hobbies is knitting. He says he would usually knit between acting and that it was a good way to kills some time. He also enjoys dancing, singing, and spending time with friends.

    Ryan Gosling Political Views

    He leans very liberal when it comes to social views. He’s very passionate about going after Wall Street and was a big supporter of Bernie Sanders in 2016. Although he said he didn’t endorse Bernie, he said he really likes what he says and what he represents. It seems like socially they were very similar. Both Bernie and him are in favor of marriage equality and are against racism. He re-tweeted a video of an American Muslim student asking Bernie about the “bashing of Muslims in the media”. Due to this and his views it would appear that he is closest to being a Democrat.

    Who is he dating?

    Currently Ryan Gosling is dating Eva Mendes. Eva is an actress and model. Her big role came in the movie, Training Day (2001). They have been dating since August 2011. Together they have two children. Before Eva, he was reported to have dated Blake Lively and Sandra Bullock.

    Random Facts

    Believe it or not, but when Ryan got the role for The Notebook it was because the director didn’t find him good looking. Apparently the Director wanted to find someone that wasn’t “like the other young actors”. Well it seems like it worked out for Ryan in the end. Even though many think the director was crazy.


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