• Sam Hunt

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Sam Hunt is an American country music singer and songwriter. The 31-year old Georgia native currently has four albums under his belt. He wrote songs for a few artists including Kenny Chesney. Before he started singing, Sam’s initial goal was to be a professional football player. He played football all the way up to the college level, and even played briefly for the NFL. Who knows if he’d still be playing football if Kenny Chesney hadn’t called him up.

    sam hunt religion hobbies political views

    Sam Hunt Religion

    Sam’s religion is unknown. Some do consider him non-religious since there is no information on his faith and he doesn’t seem to sing about it.

    Sam Hunt Hobbies

    Sam currently enjoys singing and writing country music. His still really loves football and enjoys watching it.

    Sam Hunt Political views

    Sam has never shown any interest in politics. In one interview he did say that he would invite Obama, as one of his three hypothetical dinner guests. It seems like he might support the Democratic party, or he might just really like Obama.

    Who is he dating?

    Sam keeps his relationships pretty secret. From a tweet he once posted, it appeared that he was dating Hannah Lee in 2014. During the country music awards in 2015, it was reported that he was dating an attorney and TV personality, Andi Dorfman. It’s unclear if they are still dating or if there is someone else in his life.

    Random Facts

    Sam Hunt did not have an easy time getting along with country music. He almost gave up when he was getting started. He writes his music from behind a woodshed at his home, a place many wouldn’t consider ideal. One of his albums, “Montevallo” was inspired by a girl he once dated.  Sam actually lives with his band. His cat, Dandelion is normally left in his brother’s care while he is out on tours.


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