• Simone Biles

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Simone Biles is an American gymnastics superstar. She is known for her stellar performance during the 2016 Summer Olympics Games. She participated in the women’s team all-around, women’s individual all-around, women’s vault, women’s beam, and women’s floor exercise. Simone clinched number one positions in all but for the women’s beam where she placed third. Her greatest accomplishment is being a four-time Olympic Gold medalist.

    Simone Biles religion hobbies views

    Simone Biles Religion

    Simone is a Catholic. She is very proud of her faith and is open about her religion. In fact, when an American newspaper reporter prompted Bile to show the contents of her gymnastics bag, it comprised of a white rosary. Bile said that her mother “Nellie got me a rosary at church…I have it there in case.” She acknowledges her constant praying for her great achievement at Rio 2016.

    Simone Biles Hobbies

    Some of her hobbies include shopping and hanging out with her friends. In terms of entertainment, she has a soft spot for “Pretty Little Liars” and similar shows. She also likes watching movies such as The Hunger Games.

    Simone Biles Political Views

    There’s not much information on her political beliefs. Her religious upbringing might mean she’s more conservative, but we won’t know for sure until she talks about it.

    Who is she dating?

    Currently she has a “friend” named Arthur Nory Mariano, a Brazilian gymnast. She calls him her ‘International Boyfriend’. The two met at the 2013 World Championships and have been texting each other since then. Bile says that they usually only associate during the Olympic competitions. She also has a huge crush on Zac Efron. She even has a cardboard cut out of him in her room. Because of all the attention she got for her crush, she got to meet Zac Efron during the Olympics in Rio.

    Random Facts

    Biles and her sibling were brought up by their grandparents. Biles has been homeschooled throughout her secondary education. Biles has never lost any all-around in the gymnastics and has participated since 2013. She is only 4′ 8″ tall but leaps the highest compared to the other participants.


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