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    Last updated: September 4, 2019

    Sophia Lillis is an American actor. She is best known for playing the part of the teenage Beverly Marsh in It Chapter One and It Chapter Two, movie adaptations of the Stephen King novel of the same name. She also played Nancy Drew in a 2019 movie and plays the younger version of Amy Adams character in the HBO series Sharp Objects.

    Born on February 13, 2002 in Brooklyn, New York, she is an Aquarius.

    Sophia Lillis her beliefs

    Sophia Lillis – Her Relationships

    Lillis has a twin brother named Jake from her mother’s first marriage. She lives with her mom Juliana, stepfather Christopher Mellevold, and stepbrother Philip.


    Sophia Lillis – Does She Believe in the Supernatural?

    After starring in two Stephen King movies and sleuthing a spooky mystery as Nancy Drew, does the young Sophia put any credibility into things that go bump in the night?

    “I kind of believe in the supernatural. If it exists then that is cool. I think ghosts may exist. If they do then that is interesting,” she once told a reporter. (1)


    Sophia Lillis – Trivia

    Her favorite kind of performer is a comedian, and she counts Bill Murray and Steve Martin among her favorite funny people. (2)

    Sophia began acting when her stepfather cast her in his student film project. After that, he encouraged her to pursue more acting work by enrolling her in acting classes at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Manhattan.

    Lillis had auditioned for the part of Beverly in the first It movie but was passed over when Cary Fukunaga was the project’s director. When Andy Muschietti took over the director’s chair he went back and looked at Sophia audition. Something captured his interest, and Muschietti asked Lillis to reaudition for the role of Beverly.



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