• Steven Yeun

    Last updated: December 5, 2016

    Steven Yeun is an American actor best known for his role in AMC’s television series, The Walking Dead. He was born in Seoul, South Korea to parents Je and June Yrun. His family later moved to Michigan. His father was an architect in South Korea before they moved to the United States.

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    Steven Yeun Religion

    Steven Yeun grew up in a Christian household with his family and his parents made him attend church services when he was younger. He still believes in those values taught to him as a child although he is not asa ctive in his religion as he once was.

    Steven Yeun Political Views

    Steven’s political views lean towards those more of a Democrat  when it comes to politics. His values, background, and faith suggest that he would be more likely to vote for the Democratic Party. He has been on a mission to raise awareness to combat stereotypes of his race.

    Steven Yeun Hobbies

    While attending college, Yeun was greatly interested in improv and eventually joined an improv group. It is here that he found his love for acting.

    Who is He Dating?

    Steven is married to Joana Pak. They got married in early Decemeber of 2016. There was rumors that they would be getting married by the end of 2016, and it looks like those turned out to be true. The rumors initially arose when he had posted photos of them together on his Instagram page, dropping lots of hints about their engagement and wedding.

    Random Facts

    Steven Yeun received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, focusing on neuroscience from Kalamazoo College in 2005. It was here he developed his love for acting. When he decided to become an actor, his parents made a deal with him, saying that if he didn’t achieve this goal in two years he would have to become a lawyer or doctor. It looks like it worked out for him and his parents are proud of his success.