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    Last updated: January 4, 2019

    Stevie Nicks is an American singer and songwriter who became famous when performing as the lead vocalist for Fleetwood Mac. First performing in 1967, Nicks broke into the mainstream awareness in 1975 with the band’s self-titled album Fleetwood Mac. The band’s second album, Rumors, came out in 1976 and was an even bigger success. Stevie released his first solo album in 1981 and had the hit single “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” from it. To date she has sang on seven Fleetwood Mac albums and released eight solo albums. Through her career Nicks has sold over 140 million albums.

    Born Stephanie Lynn Nicks on May 26, 1948 in Phoenix, Arizona, Stevie is a Gemini.

    Stevie Nicks biography religion beliefs

    Stevie Nicks – Her Religion

    She is a religious woman but doesn’t claim any particular denomination. People have speculated that she is wiccan because of her many statements throughout the years that she believes in magic, but Stevie has never once said outright that she follows a set wiccan faith. Just as much as she talks about magic, the singer will also talk about her beliefs in Abrahamic beings, like angels.

    For example, here is a quote that Stevie Nicks once gave: “”I am religious. I wasn’t raised in any religion, because we were always moving when I was a kid and didn’t get involved in any church. But I believe there have been angels with me constantly through these last 20 years, or I wouldn’t be alive. I pray a lot.” (1)

    Stevie became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. She officiated the wedding between singers Vanessa Carlton and John McCauley in 2013.

    On the subject of a higher being, Stevie Nicks said the following in a radio interview:

    “I think there is definitely a God. I think there was definitely an angel with me all the way through the bad times. Somebody keeping me safe. I feel very spiritual now. I really believe that God makes my music good and makes me able to deliver it and makes me able to not look or feel fifty. I mean, there has to be some outside help-this can’t all be happening on its own.”


    Stevie Nicks – Witch?

    Rumors of Nicks being a practicing witch have followed her since the 1970s. When asked if she was a witch, Stevie emphatically answered, “I have no idea what precipitated those rumors… I am not a witch. Get a life!” (2)

    There might be several reasons why the rumor got started. First, Stevie Nicks’ company that holds the copyright to her songs is titled Welsh Witch Music. Second, one of her first big hits with Fleetwood Mac was the song “Rhiannon” which is about a witch. And third, Nicks’ dress style is influenced by gothic subculture.

    “I spent thousands of dollars on beautiful black clothes and had to stop wearing them for a long time because a lot of people scared me. And that’s really unfair to me, I think, for other people to conjure up their ideas of what I am or what I believe in,” Nicks once said. (3)


    Stevie Nicks – Belief in Reincarnation

    In a 1982 interview, Nicks said that she was a firm believer in past lives. She offered insight into what sort of person she was in a former life, believing:

    “I think I spent a lot of time in old churches, like a monk. I’m very comfortable around that kind of music, with that kind of creeping around, with being very quiet. My ballet teacher believes that my head was cut off in another life, too. I totally give with my body except for my neck. Even if I go to the beauty salon, I can’t put my head back. They have to hold it or it will drop. The same thing happens when I dance or get a massage. It’s very weird.” (4)



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    Photo by Larry Richman. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 International License.