• Talulah Riley

    Last updated: March 3, 2017

    Talulah Riley is an English actress, writer, and entrepreneur. Her resume includes Pride & Prejudice, Inception, and several of the movies in the St. Trinian’s series. On stage, she appeared in The Philadelphia Story and Tennessee Williams’ Summer and Smoke. She has made appearances on several television shows and was the cover model for Esquire’s 2010 edition.

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    Talulah Riley Religion

    Even though Talulah has not publicized her religious views, she was married to Elon Musk at the Dornoch Cathedral in Scotland. This cathedral is associated with the Church of Scotland and is considered to be Presbyterian.

    Talulah Riley Political Views

    Unfortunately, Talulah’s political views are not publicized so we can only speculate. If you know more about her political views please feel free to comment below!

    Talulah Riley Hobbies

    Talulah Riley has stated that writing her first published novel, Acts of Love, was actually a hobby she had over the past three years. This book was released for sale in August 2016. Riley also enjoys reading many female authors including Margaret Mitchell, Virginia Woolf, and Jane Austin. Riley relaxes by watching movies, walking and even recently started bowling.

    Who is she dating?

    Talulah Riley’s divorce from her billionaire former husband, Elon Musk, was finalized in March 2016. The couple started dating in 2008 and got married in 2010. This is the second time that they have filed and finalized a divorce with the first attempt leading to reconciliation and remarriage.

    Talulah Riley Random Facts

    Talulah Riley is the co-founder of a tech company that she started herself. This company, called Forge, developed an app in which its users, which are hourly employees, could sign up for different shifts that they were able to and wanted to work. Tallulah is also very open about her struggle with panic attacks and how she has worked to overcome these attacks.