• Tamar Braxton

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Tamar Braxton is a singer, actor, and TV personality. Tamar is one of the founding members of the all girls RnB group. Fans got to know the real deal when she starred in the reality show, Braxton Family Values, where her outspoken and honest attitude made her relatable. She has been on the show, Dancing with the Stars, where she was able to show off her impressive dancing skills.

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    Tamar Braxton Religion

    Tamar is a Christian. She, like her sisters and brother, was raised as a Pentecostal (based around Protestant Christianity). Later on, her family became more semi-strict Methodist while growing up. Braxton frequently mentions that growing up in a Christian home with parents who were pastors, helped shape her music career. She also gives God a lot of credit and feels that she wouldn’t be in this business without him.

    Tamar Braxton Hobbies

    She loves designer clothes and shoes and even has has her own Fashion label named The Tamar Collection.

    Tamar Braxton Political Views

    It appears that Tamar is a Democrat. She says that Michelle Obama is one of her inspirations to head back to school to get a degree.

    Who is she dating?

    She is married to Darrell Allamby, a music producer who worked on a few songs in her debut album Tamar. In 2003 they ended up getting a divorce. She said that they broke up because it was an abusive relationship and she wanted out. Tamar met her second husband, Vincent Herbert, in 2003. They met each other through her sister and the couple married in 2008. The couple have one child, Logan, born on June 6th, 2013.

    Interesting Facts

    Tamar has the skin condition, Vitiligo, which was made well known due to Michael Jackson having it. This was brought to light by several insinuations in the media that she bleaches her skin but the star adds that many people have the condition in different degrees.

    Some of her favorite celebrities and inspirations are Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and her sister, Toni Braxton.

    Recently while interviewing Michelle Obama, Tamar found inspiration to go back to school to get her degree



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