• Theo Rossi

    Last updated: November 12, 2016

    Theo Rossi is an American actor and producer. He is famous for his role in Sons of Anarchy (2008), and also for playing “Shades” in Luke Cage (2016). He owns a production company, Dos Dudes Pictures. He was born John Theodore Rossi on June 4, 1975 in Staten Island, New York, USA. He grew up riding dirt bikes and later went to Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute where he studied acting. He then attended Albany campus of SUNY University between 1994 and 1998.

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    Theo Rossi Religion

    Theo does not publicly talk about his religion, even though he grew up in Catholi. It seems that he might be more spiritual than religious, as seen in a tweet where he quotes the Dalai Lama. “My religion is kindness”.

    Theo Rossi Political Views

    Theo’s political views are far-left, and is most likely a Democrat. He believes in government programs and believes in equality for all. He hasn’t been very vocal on who he has voted for but we assume he has voted Democrat.

    Theo Rossi Hobbies

    Theo likes spending time at home when he isn’t filming, and particularly loves playing with his dogs. Also, he has carried his love for biking since childhood, and doen’t miss a change to go riding. Theo loves watching animals too, saying his favorite animal is “everyone one of them!”.

    Who is he dating?

    He is married to Meghan McDermott, a media relations officer for the military charity, Boot Campaign. They have been married since 2014. The two met when Theo was working as an ambassador for the organization. They received their first child, a son by the name Kane Alexander Rossi, in June 2015.

    Random facts

    Although his name points to an Italian descent, Theo says he is of more than just two ethnicities. He has said, “I have about seven different ethnicities in me”. Some of his favorite foods and drinks are sweet iced tea and almond butter.