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    Last updated: March 29, 2020

    Tom DeLonge is an American musician best known for being the former singer and co-founder of the alt rock group Blink-182. He has also been a published author, writing a children’s book and co-authoring science fiction books based on UFO conspiracy theories. DeLonge left Blink-182 in 2015 to pursue solo songwriting projects and to launch To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, a business venture that will release entertainment offerings based on UFO subject matter.

    Tom was born on December 13, 1975 in Poway, California. His zodiac symbol is Sagittarius.

    Tom DeLonge personal beliefs in UFOs God and faith

    Tom DeLonge – His Religion

    When DeLonge was a child he grew up in a household that was of mixed spiritual faith. DeLonge’s mother was a practicing Christian, while his father was an atheist. (1)

    In his adult life, Tom DeLonge seems to have mixed his belief in God or Jesus Christ with his belief in UFO aliens and extraterrestrials, linking the two together in a fashion:

    Tom DeLonge – Belief in UFOs

    DeLonge has a strong belief in the existence of a non-human intelligence with a presence here on Earth. “I’ve always been interested in this subject, but once people know that the UFO phenomenon is real and what it’s actually doing and what we’re doing, I think people are going to become as obsessed over it as I’ve been.” (2)

    He has stated that this presence could be aliens from another world, or something else that currently is beyond our scientific level of understanding. DeLonge compared the sightings of UFOs to when tribes in remote parts of the world, who have never encountered outside modern civilization, see aircraft flying over them in the sky. These primitive tribes could believe these aircraft to be gods and then begin worshiping them as deities.

    “Whether it is Joseph Smith meeting an angel and forming the Mormon religion, or it’s the star of Bethlehem or light hovering over a manger,” DeLonge once said, “what happens is, is people see these things and they create religions off of them. We wanted to say, ‘Well, hey, we are all some form of a cargo cult.’ The question is, why?” (1)

    DeLonge also feels that the UFOs that people spot in the sky are both of alien origin as well as manmade.

    “It’s both. The UFO phenomenon is complex. A lot of people think it’s the tinfoil-hat crowd and little green men in flying saucers. A lot of these things are manmade and a lot of these things that are so astounding to people that may have seen something in the sky and they go, ‘Oh my god, that’s definitely alien.'” (2)


    Tom DeLonge – His Relationships

    Tom DeLonge married Jennifer Jenkins in 2001. The couple have two children, an older daughter named Ava and a younger boy named Jonas. In 2019 Jenkins and DeLonge filed for a divorce. (3)


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