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    Last updated: July 16, 2018

    Tom Hiddleston is a British actor best known for playing the role of Loki in Marvel Studios’ Thor and Avengers movies. Hiddleston began his acting career while still enrolled in acting school, appearing in guest roles on British television programs. When he graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Hiddleston began landing roles in stage plays, including a production of Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov. This job was going to change Hiddleston’s career arc dramatically, as it brought him to the attention of Kenneth Branagh who remembered his co-star’s performance when Branagh was to cast the Thor movie.

    Born Thomas William Hiddleston on February 9, 1981, in Westminster, England, his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

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    Tom Hiddleston – His Religion

    Hiddleston hasn’t expressed his religious beliefs publicly. The closest he’s come is in saying this: “I think people should be rigorous about what they believe in. The way I was taught was it’s just untenable to have an opinion you can’t back up. I think it’s very easy to adhere quite loosely to generalized opinions these days. I would never be so bold as to make a big public statement without making sure I fully believed in it.” (1)


    Tom Hiddleston – His Politics

    Another aspect of Tom’s personal life that he won’t go into with the press is his personal political beliefs. When asked the question about which party he voted for in England’s 2016 election, the actor said, “I won’t tell you that. I’m not in the business of being politically divisive. I don’t want to set a precedent. It’s a private matter.” (1)

    When Hiddleston won a Golden Globe in 2017 for his performance in The Night Manager, he mentioned about the conflict waging in South Sudan. Tom’s use of the press to bring attention to the conflict wasn’t appreciated by all members of the press. (2)


    Tom Hiddleston – His Relationships

    Tom has a sister named Sarah (a journalist) and another sister named Emma (an actress). His father James is a scientist and his mother Diana a stage manager.

    In 2016, for five short months, Tom had a public romance with pop singer Taylor Swift. The press followed them everywhere, publishing numerous photos of the two kissing and being affectionate. When the couple broke up, there was interest in knowing the details but neither one spoke publicly about the causes for the break-up. (3)


    Tom Hiddleston – Trivia

    His favorite movie is Heat. On the Graham Norton show Tom did his impression of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino:


    Tom Hiddleston – Quotes

    “Be careful of social media. It’s undermining and confusing.” (1)



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