• Top 5 Underrated Kanye West Songs

    Last updated: September 7, 2016

    Kanye West has released seven consecutive albums that have reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart, and and despite his ability to consistently make quality music he has a number of songs that are overlooked. Here’s a list of songs that are underrated and should be given more attention.

    kayne west top 5 underrated songs

    1. Saint Pablo – Following his newest album, TLOP, Mr. West dropped a new single that has been somewhat hard to find. It is underrated maybe only because it was stripped from the internet. However, it is an amazing track featuring Sampha. Kanye raps lyrics of a self-reflective commentary about his behavior in the public eye and troubles he’s going through personally. It gives the listener another perspective that most would not realize.

    Listen to Saint Pablo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRLp4D6GZPQ

    2. Roses – An emotional song about Kanye’s grandmother dying in the hospital. His lyrics resonate with the audience because everyone has or will witness the despair that comes with a loved one passing, and he touches on her working class status. Kanye implies that if she was a public figure she would receive special treatment and refers to Magic Johnson’s triumph over AIDS. He mentions how he asks the nurse if she did research (I’m assuming he means research on what his grandmother is suffering from), and she responds with, ‘can you sign some t-shirts?’ It seems as if the nurse did not really care much about the person that Kanye and his family are worried about, but rather about meeting someone famous. The Magic Johnson reference was followed by a line about people in poverty dying without anybody noticing or caring.

    3. Two Words – This is a song that features Mos Def where he and Kanye drop some conscious rhymes about social issues in their cities, Brooklyn and Chicago, respectively. It was released in 2009 on You Tube and still only has less than 1.6 million views, which isn’t that many considering his level of fame. Conscious hip hop never gets the publicity and exposure it should though.

    4. Heard Em Say – Featuring Adam Levine from ‘Maroon 5’, Kanye created a masterpiece with this track. He lays lyrical substance that contains more social issues over a beat that will make you want to put the song on repeat. Adam Levine on the hook gave the song much more exposure, but it is still very underrated.

    5. Spaceship – This is an overlooked track from Ye’s album, The College Dropout. He features GLC and Consequence but the concept of the song is what made fans relate to his music. The struggle of working at Gap as a sales assistant and working on his music just hoping he would blow up into a star.