• Travis Fimmel

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Travis Fimmel is an Australian model-turned actor. He is most well known for his prominent Calvin Klein campaign and also for his character as Ragnar in the History TV series, Vikings. In college, he was accepted in the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to study engineering and architecture, but later chose to travel abroad. Travis’ modelling career started when he was discovered by Matthew Anderson, a talent scout in the renowned Chadwick Models agency. Chadwick discovered Travis as he was working out at a gym in Melbourne. Later in 2002, Travis went abroad and bagged a deal in 2002 with the LA models agency.

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    Travis Fimmel Religion

    In one interview, he was quoted to have said that he is very non-religious. But he does think that religions are intriguing to know, especially the reason as to why it impacts people differently.

    Travis Fimmel Political Views

    Travis is actually a private person which is why less is known about his political views. He said that he just likes to be in the ocean and rowing, and that his life is not that interesting to meddle with. He just wants to be proud of what he does.

    Travis Fimmel Hobbies

    Fimmel’s favourite hobbies include camping, football, surfing, riding motorbikes, and swimming. As mentioned above he also likes to spend time in the ocean and rowing.

    Who is Fimmel dating?

    It’s hard to tell who is he dating as he purposely tries to be a private person. This of course drives his fans crazy as they really want to know. There have been a lot of rumors about guesses and who he is dating, but as far as we found it appears that he is still single.

    Random Facts

    Travis Fimmel is the first male model in the world to bag a 6-figure deal with the celebrated and world famous, Calvin Klein.