• Tyler Hoechlin

    Last updated: November 4, 2016

    Tyler Hoechlin is an American actor. His first big debut on the big screen started when he was cast in the film Road to Perdition back in 2002. Since then, he has featured in a long term drama series, 7th Heaven, been cast as an alpha wolf in the hit series Teen Wolf, and recently has featured in the CWs hit series Supergirl, where he portrays the popular iconic DC superhero, Superman.

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    Tyler Hoechlin Religion

    Hoechlin is a Christian. His parents were deeply rooted in Christianity and saw to it that some of those values stuck with him until now. However, he is still not as religious as his parents but still says he is Christian.

    Tyler Hoechlin Political Views

    Just like he keeps a lid on his religious beliefs, Hoechlin doesn’t care much about politics. He doesn’t really support any political figure. In that way, he can be considered more as an Independent.

    Tyler Hoechlin Hobbies

    On his spare time, Hoechlin loves to hit the track for a run, while maintaining his regular workout at the gym; his athletic physique tells it all. His track record of being in love with sports and the track dates back to when he was in high school where he was part of the baseball and track teams. In fact, his everyday kicks off with a run in the morning.

    Who is He dating?

    Besides being in relationships over the years with different women, most of who are his fellow actresses, Tyler Hoechlin is currently single. His previous relationship was with Alena Gerber back in 2015.

    Random facts

    Did you know that Hoechlin beat over 2000 actors for a spot in the film Road to Perdition? Also, when he got the role of Superman back in 2015, he was the same age as Melissa Benoist (28 years). Naturally, Superman is supposedly 12 years older than his cousin, Supergirl.