• Vanessa Bayer

    Last updated: February 21, 2017

    Vanessa Bayer is an American actress and comedian. She is well known for her roles in Trainwreck, Office Christmas Party, and especially Saturday Night Live. She was born on November 14th, 1981 in Orange, Ohio. Vanessa attended Orange High School and later the University of Pennsylvania. She joined the cast of SNL in 2010 and has been called SNL’s “secret weapon” by The Rolling Stone. 

    vanessa bayer religion hobbies political views

    Vanessa Bayer Religion

    Vanessa is Jewish and even has a character called ‘bar mitzvah boy’ that has become very popular. She is still actively Jewish today and attends Temple when she can.

    Vanessa Bayer Political Views

    Although not confirmed, it would appear that she holds views that align more with the Democratic party. She has roasted Donald Trump’s wife and daughters in skits on SNL so it would seem likely that she doesn’t support him. However, she does make fun of democrats too, so this might just part of her job.

    Vanessa Bayer Hobbies

    Bayer loves getting rest after coming home from her Saturday Night Live filming. The New York Times even published an article about Vanessa’s lazy Sunday mornings. She loves acting and being creative with her fellow cast members. It is unclear yet due to little information what Vanessa likes to do outside of her work.

    Who is Vanessa Dating?

    She is currently single and shared a horror story of throwing up on herself while on a date with her crush. Vanessa did say that since moving to New York her dating life has been much better. She “has had a few fun and cool boyfriends over the years.”

    Random Facts

    Bayer was diagnosed with Leukemia at 15. She found comic relief while battling the cancer and reflected, “I don’t know if it made me funnier, but it was so amazing, how it made everything be O.K.” She first interned for Conan before getting on with SNL. Vanessa had a moment during the ‘bar mitzvah boy’ character where she read a line a writer a had written about ‘using her brother’s hair gel.’ She said she couldn’t stop laughing during the 8:00 pm rehearsals. She did manage to keep a straight face during the live performance fortunately.