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    Last updated: June 20, 2018

    Victoria Caroline Beckham (maiden name Adams) is a pop singer, fashion designer and businesswoman. Born on April 17, 1974 in Harlow, in the town of Essex in England, Victoria successfully studied arts in college where her passion for dance and music was evident. As a distinguished business woman, Victoria’s name first rose into prominence in 1994 when she was picked to become a member of the Spice Girls. Hired to be a dancer at first, Victoria later was given the name Posh Spice in 1996, shortly before the pop group’s first hit, “Wannabe”, became a worldwide hit in 1996.

    Since the Spice Girls came to an end in 2000, Victoria has built a second career modeling and fashion designing. Under her Victoria Beckham brand her fashion designs have been very successful. Her two shows at New York’s Fashion Week are consistently well attended, and covered by major fashion outlets.

    Victoria’s horoscope symbol is Aries, and her middle name is Caroline.

    Victoria Beckham personal beliefs religion

    Victoria Beckham – Her Politics

    The “Posh Spice” tag that Victoria was crowned in her early days in dancing and music is an indication of her association with the high-end political parties in England. Following the English stereotype associated with poshness, it may have been assumed by the general public that Victoria Beckham was either a Tories or a Conservative supporter because of this tag. However, she is generally reserved about expressing her own political views. In the past Beckham has equated politics and religion as being ambiguous from her point of view.

    “I think you have to be aware [of what’s happening politically in the US] – it’s all very frightening,” she said in a 2018 interview. “But you need to be optimistic. I also have to be careful about everything I say, because I can’t say something and it go unnoticed.” (1)

    In the 2016 Brexit vote Victoria voted for England to remain in the European Union. (2)


    Victoria Beckham – Her Religion

    As a child Victoria was brought up in the small town of Goffs Oak in Hertfordshire. This possibly makes her parents Anglican, and it lines up when Victoria married footballer David Beckham, as their wedding took place in an Anglican church.

    There isn’t much else about Victoria speaking about her personal religious beliefs, or if she practices worship on Sundays. She has described herself as a determined, spiritual and positive person who subscribes to creative visualization. Others have accused the former Posh Spice girl of being a Scientologist because of her friendship with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes when that couple were together. When asked by the press, Beckham spiritedly refuted this allegation.

    Furthermore, she has also been linked to Buddhism but this is not supported by any evidence. However, certain issues offer proof that she might lean towards Judaism. For instance, a tattoo on Beckham’s neck is written in Hebrew and she often wears a Kabbalah red bracelet.

    Victoria Beckham – Her Relationships & Personal Life

    Her first public romantic relationship was with 80s teen child star Corey Haim back in 1995. However, the relationship never lasted long but was concluded in a mutual break-up.

    In 1997 Victoria met footballer David Beckham and the two started dating. The couple wedded in 1999 in a ceremony overseen by Paul Colton of the Anglican church.

    The Beckhams have four children together: three boys and a single girl. The sons include Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz while the only girl is Harper.

    Victoria has a single sister called Louise Adams who is a Christian by religion. Her younger sibling is not financially as fortunate as her and lives with her four children and her parents. Louise owns and runs a small clothing store in Hoddeston. (3)

    Victoria Beckham – Trivia

    Beckham is notably distinguished by a tattoo of her husband and her two elder sons. As a fashion maven she takes pride in changing her hairstyle and color frequently.

    Smiling is a rare scene for Victoria. She has a habit of covering her mouth with a handbag every time she is laughing.

    She is a vegetarian.

    Victoria is also infamously remembered for demanding free airfare her entire life after losing her luggage on board in 2000. (4)



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