• Wagner Moura

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Wagner Moura is a Brazilian actor mostly known internationally for his role as kingpin Pablo Escobar in Netflix’s Narcos (2015-). He’s known in his home country for roles in soap operas from earlier in his career, as well for the ones in internationally recognized Elite Squad (2007) and its 2010 sequel. In 2013 he also took part in Elysium (2013) alongside Matt Damon.

    wagner moura religion hobbies

    Wagner Moura Religion

    The Brazilian actor doesn’t believe in God in the traditional sense but does believe in a higher power. Interestingly enough, he claims to believe in Jesus while not believing in the Christian God. Also interesting, as a kid he served as an altar boy for his church.

    Wagner Moura Hobbies

    The actor is an aspiring singer and even had a singing part in one of his Brazilian movies. He was then criticized for singing off-key but his musical aspirations are still alive.

    Wagner Moura Political Views

    Moura is a liberal, having campaigned for left leaning politicians such as Marcelo Freixo, state representative for Rio de Janeiro. This is whom one of the main characters in Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is based on. He’s also spoken against the recent impeachment of Brazilian president Dilma, calling the process a coup d’état.

    Who is he dating?

    The actor’s been in a relationship with Sandra Delgado since 2001 and had three kids with her. They’ve never actually married and the actor even asked her recently to marry him, to which she replied “that made no sense”, considering their already solidified relationship.

    Random Facts

    Moura didn’t speak any Spanish prior to his casting as Pablo Escobar and his accent was actually criticized by Spanish speakers. At any rate, to prepare for the part, he moved to Medellín, Colombia, the home town to Pablo Escobar. He also took classes to learn Spanish in a Colombian university.