• Zoe Saldana

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Zoe Saldana is an American actress. Known for her performances in sci-fi franchises such as Avatar (2009), Star Trek (2009) and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). She’s plans to continue her role as Starfleet officer Uhura in the Trek series in the upcoming two sequels. She is also reprising the alien assassin Gamora for the second Guardians of the Galaxy and is expected to do Pandora’s Neytiri again in the future.

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    Zoe Saldana Religion

    Saldana hasn’t talked much about her religion, but she appears to be Catholic. She was born to a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother who raised her Catholic. She sometimes wears a cross around her neck, which seems to suggest that she is still religious.

    Zoe Saldana Hobbies

    Zoe’s talked many times about her interest for dancing, a hobby she started in the Dominican Republic. She started dancing after her father died when she was only nine years old. She’s studied many types of dance but has ballet as her first passion. Her dancing skills initially helped her to gain attention for her first roles as a movies actress.

    Zoe Saldana Political Views

    As with her religious views, Zoe isn’t known for publicly talking about politics. She briefly mentioned Obama one time but it was on the controversy surrounding the difficulty of being hired as a black actor/actress. “We have a black president right now. So why the f**k would I sit down and talk about how hard it is for black women in Hollywood when there’s a black president in my country?”

    Who is she dating?

    Zoe Saldana is currently married to Italian artist Marco Perego. The couple started dating in March 2013 and shortly after got married in London, in June 2013. Born in November 2014, they’ve got twin sons together, Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana and Cy Aridio Perego-Saldana.

    Zoe has dated colleague Bradley Cooper for a bit between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2013. Even before that she had an 11-year-old relationship with actor Keith Britton, which ended in late 2011, right before she started dating Cooper.

    Random Facts

    Zoe, known for her extensive work as an actress and her interest in dance, had her first job working at a Burger King.