• Emma Stone

    Last updated: December 2, 2016

    Emma Stone is an American actress. She got into acting when she was young and landed her first role in a production called The Wind in the Willows in 2000. Her breakthrough role came in the movie Superbad (2007), where she also received the Young Hollywood Award. Her next big role came in the movie Zombieland (2009). She has done many more movies such as The Help, Easy A, and The Amazing Spiderman. Throughout her career she has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards, been nominated for two Academy awards, and has been nominated for two Golden Globe awards.

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    Emma Stone Religion

    Emma was raised Catholic by her parents. She attended an all girls Catholic school for a semester before dropping out to pursue acting. It’s not clear if she is still practicing the faith as she hasn’t talked much about it. Some has speculated that she is Christian but we haven’t found any evidence that would suggest this.

    Emma Stone Hobbies

    She enjoys reading a good book and cooking. Emma is a big fan of music as well and says that the Spice Girls are one of her favorites.

    Emma Stone Political Views

    Emma is a registered Democrat. She leans especially liberal when it comes to social issues. At one point she accidentally registered for the Independent party, not realizing that some of their issues went against what she believed in (such as being against abortion, and wanting to build a wall). In 2016, she supported Democrat Hillary Clinton running for president.

    Who is she dating?

    Currently Emma Stone is officially single. However, rumors are saying that she is back with her ex, Andrew Garfield. They have been spotted together and she has publicly said that she still loves him very much. Since nothing has been confirmed we are leaving her status as single.

    Random Facts

    Emma Stone’s natural hair color is actually blonde. She changed her hair color for Superbad in 2007. However, since she likes it, she has kept it since.

    emma stone natural hair color superbad