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    Last updated: May 9, 2018

    Joan Collins is an English actress and author. Born May 23, 1933, she has had a film and television career that spans seven decades. Joan starred in several Hollywood westerns and dramas in the 1950s and 60s before returning to her native England to appear in B-movies. Collins’ career had a second life when, in her mid-40s, she starred in two low budget erotic films based on novels by her sister Jackie Collins, The Stud and The Bitch. Joan’s mid-life status as a sex symbol was cemented when she landed her most famous role as the scheming and sultry Alexis Carrington Colby in the 1980s American prime time soap Dynasty.

    Joan was awarded the title Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2015 for her charity work. She was also made an Officer of the British Empire in 1996 for her acting work.

    Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

    Joan Collins her religion politics husbands and beliefs

    Joan Collins – Her Politics

    As an English citizen, Joan Collins closely follows her native country’s politics. She has been a loyal member of England’s Conservative Party for decades, and was even the only actor invited to attend the funeral of former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. (1)

    While she has opened up about her personal political leanings, Collins also believes that Hollywood actors have gotten too vocal with their political thoughts. “But that doesn’t mean that if we’re around the dining room table with a bunch of actors and friends we don’t talk about it vociferously,” she said.

    “Because we do have opinions but those opinions should not colour other people’s opinions.” (2)

    During the 1980s Collins became friends with Donald Trump and his then wife Ivanka. “I based Alexis on ‘a businessman like Donald Trump’,” Joan recently revealed. “Alexis was a mixture of him and one of my best girlfriends, who sadly died shortly afterwards.” (3)

    Joan Collins – Her Religion

    While Joan’s father was Jewish and her mother Christian, Joan has said that she is agnostic. She has never practiced any religion throughout her life. (4)

    Joan Collins – Her Relationships

    Joan has been married five times in her life. Her longest marriage is her current one to husband number five, Percy Gibson. They were married in 2002. Percy is 32 years her junior.

    Joan has three adult children, two girls and a boy.

    She was very close to her younger sister Jackie Collins, a romance novelist. Jackie passed away from cancer in 2015.


    Joan Collins the Monarchist

    While she may not practice a particular religion, Joan is a fierce supporter of the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II. “I’m a big monarchist and I love the Queen,” she once said. (5)

    She was made an officer of the British Empire by the Queen in 1996, so Elizabeth and her do have a friendship of sorts.

    Joan Collins – Trivia & Miscellaneous Facts

    Joan Collins in Star Trek

    Joan Collins appeared in a 1967 episode of “Star Trek”.

    A 34-year old Joan appeared in an episode of the original Star Trek TV series titled “The City on the Edge of Forever”. This episode is considered by many Trek fans and television critics to be amongst the best of the franchise’s many episodes.

    Her middle name is Henrietta.




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