• Maddie Ziegler

    Last updated: October 20, 2016

    Maddie Ziegler or Madison “Maddie” Nicole Ziegler is an American dancer and actress. She rose to fame at an early age through her appearance in the reality show, Dance Moms, in 2011. She was only 8 years old at that time. At only 14 she gained much more fame after featuring in singer Sia music videos like Chandelier, Big Girls Cry, and Cheap Thrills. Together these videos have gathered close to 2 billion views on YouTube. Aside from dancing and acting Maddie has also modeled for Ralph Lauren, Target, and Capezio. She has been also featured on various magazine covers.

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    Maddie Ziegler Religion

    Maddie is Roman Catholic. Although she is not particular in commenting, sources have shown that she was raised that wait. And since she’s still young we would assume she still holds those beliefs.

    Maddie Ziegler Hobbies

    Her hobbies include dancing, singing and acting. She has been quoted saying “all I do is dance”. Aside from taking it professionally her life will practically revolve around dancing, singing, and acting and she says she does enjoy it all the way.

    Maddie Ziegler Political Views

    Being young, she doesn’t seem to care or say much in regards to politics. Her life revolves around her family, friends, and dancing.

    Who is she dating?

    She is not noted to be dating anyone at the moment. Things will probably change as she gets older.

    Random Facts

    She has Polish, Italian and German ancestry. Maddie is highly involved in philanthropy, and she gives all the money she makes from meet and greets to charity. She also joined her mom and sister in 2012 to partner with the Starlight children foundation to help sick children.

    During the show, Dance moms, Maddie did not allow her mom to do her makeup, instead, she learned to do it herself using Youtube tutorials. She also did her own hair.

    She did not get paid for her participation in the dance mom’s show. That is because neither moms nor dancers could get paid or they would be considered professional dancers and loose out chances in participating in dance competitions.


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