• Maisie Williams

    Last updated: September 7, 2016

    Maisie Williams, born Margaret Constance Williams, is a 19-year-old English actress from Somerset in the United Kingdom. She is most famous for her role as Arya Stark on the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. She is currently attending Bath Dance College and studying Performing Arts. Arya Stark is Maisie Williams’ first and most successful role, but she also has a recurring role as Ashildr in the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who. Her first film role was in the 2014 British drama The Falling, for which she was awarded Young Performer of the Year Award.

    maisie williams religion hobbies and political views

    Maisie Williams Religion

    Her religion is unknown but fans speculate that she is nonreligious. It seems that most younger actors and actresses aren’t very vocal about their religion or political views.

    Maisie Williams Hobbies

    Her hobbies include dancing, watching television, and taking care of dogs. Her favorite genre of dance is jazz, due to its ability to “encompass all shapes and sizes of dancer.” A show that Maisie Williams secretly likes is The Great British Bake-off. “They’re just sobbing over a spongecake, and I find it hilarious,” Williams once wrote. Her family, which consisted of her mother and three siblings, and at one point 13 dogs. She says she is still a dog person and would take a dog over a cat anyday.

    Maisie Williams Political Views

    Maisie says that she is undecided in terms of her political views. She has come under attack, however, for her lax stance on feminism and gender equality. While she does consider herself a feminist, Maisie Williams has criticized her fellow actress Emma Watson’s focus on women’s equality in the UK and the United States. Williams believes that women in other countries have problems that must be addressed prior to the relatively small gender gaps in Britain and the US.

    Who is she dating?

    Williams is dating a boy that she met in school, and they have been going out for a little over a year.

    Random Fact

    Despite all her success, Williams jokes that her most valuable talent is the ability to cross just one of her eyes.