• Simone Missick

    Last updated: November 14, 2016

    Simone Missick is an American actress. She is known for her role as Misty Knight in Marvel’s series, Luke Cage. The 36-year-old actress was born in Detroit, Michigan. Simone, who has been acting since 2003, has appeared in over 18 TV series. She graduated with a minor in theatre arts. This is a course she undertook at Howard University while she studying English. She perfected her acting craft in regional theatre in Detroit before moving to Los Angeles. Missick also took master classes at the British American Drama Academy.

    simone missick religion political views

    Simone Missick Religion

    It is not clear as to which religion or denomination Simone belongs to but she does believe in God. She has made many references about god, including tweets like, “Thank God I will get back just in time to catch this episode…”, ” The night has finally come. God is Good.” In fact, her favorite book is “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. She is most likely Christian but she could also be Catholic.

    Simone Missick Political Views

    Simone appears to be a Democrat. In an interview with the Daily Beast, she said it’s hard to talk about black people in America without getting political. She has been vocal about black people getting shot by police as well as the police killings. It’s not certain as to which canidates she has supported in the past, but from what we have found it would seem that she has voted as a Democrat.

    Simone Missick Hobbies

    Simone enjoys hiking and making handmade cards for family and friends. She also has two kittens that she loves playing with.

    Who is Simone Missick Dating

    Simone is married to actor Dorian Missick. They have been married since February 19, 2012.

    Random Facts

    During her senior year at high school, Simone was Versity Captain of her high school basketball team. She was also Concert Mistress of the Concert Orchestra during this time. Prince is Missick’s favorite musician. She thought she would marry him until she turned 11. Even though Missick knew she was meant to become an actress, she grew up singing, playing the violin, and sports before focusing on performance.