• Steven Spielberg

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Steven Spielberg is an American director, writer and producer. Known as one of the best directors of this generation, with a great number of classics under his belt, known for dramatic movies like Schindler’s List (1993), Saving Private Ryan (1998) and Artificial Intelligence (2001). Currently the director has at least five movies announced for the next years, as well as over a dozen of projects as a producer. His most recently released title was The BFG (2016), a family fantasy around the unlikely friendship between a little girl and a giant.

    steven spielberg religion hobbies

    Steven Spielberg Religion

    Steven is Jewish by his mother. “I wasn’t a religious kid, although I was Bar Mitzvahed in a real Orthodox synagogue.” The  director doesn’t practice any religion and seems to be prouder of his heritage as an adult than as a child.

    Steven Spielberg Hobbies

    Steven enjoys collecting things, from film memorabilia to paintings and drawings. He also watches a lot of movies, to no one’s surprise. Since getting to know Pong back in 1974, he’s also become big on video games.

    Steven Spielberg Political Views

    Spielberg is a Democrat and has donated thousands of dollars to political campaigns such as Hillary Clinton’s and causes like the one to defeat the gay marriage ban in California. He’s called Trump’s candidacy a symptom of America’s rage. “I think America is going through a paroxysm of rage based on basically a Congress that’s done nothing and that’s stuck in a conservative way by the conservatives and not being able to really do anything to progress any further.”

    Who is he dating?

    Steven married actress Kate Capshaw, whom he met after casting her for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Together, among kids from previous marriages, adoptions and the couple’s own kids, they have seven children.

    Random Facts

    Spielberg’s had at least two stalkers through the years. One Jonathan Norman, arrested for trying to enter the director’s house twice in 1997 and one Diana Napolis, who accused him and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt of controlling her thoughts.