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    Last updated: May 14, 2018

    tobyMac (birth name Kevin Michael McKeehan) is an American hiphop singer and author. He began his music career in 1987 as a part of the rap group DC Trio. The group released a number of albums together including the popular 1995 release Jesus Freak. In 2001 DC Talk disbanded and tobyMac began a solo career. To date tobyMac has released seven solo albums and won six Grammys including Best Gospel Rock Album in 2009 (for Alive and Transported), Best Contemporary Christian Album in 2013 (for Eye on It) and in the same category again in 2016 for This is Not a Test.

    McKeehan was born on October 22, 1964 in Fairfax, Virginia. His zodiac sign is Libra.

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    tobyMac – His Religion

    tobyMac is an upfront Christian. While his music is classified under Christian hiphop and rock, tobyMac says that while God informs his creativity, he wants his music to be felt by all people regardless of their spirituality.

    “I’m always hoping my music falls on open ears, not deaf ears because of a label,” he said in an interview once. “I’m not trying to shove anything down people’s throats. I’m writing more about life, about my life. My faith in God plays a role in that. If you’re writing about life, people are going to relate to it. We’re not that different.” (1)

    Some Christians have expressed criticism that the artist has toned down his Christian message in his music. To that, tobyMac offers this rebuttal: “Probably the biggest Christian song I’ve written is called ‘Jesus Freak.’ That’s not watering it down too much, is it?” (1)

    “Sure my faith is in God, and that might divide some people, but I am inviting everyone. And I think that there is something in my music for everyone.”


    tobyMac – His Politics

    There’s very little on tobyMac expressing his personal political feelings. What we did find suggests that he could vote for a Republican or a Democrat equally. The closest tobyMac has come to being critical of any political matter was when asked about the music video for “Love Breaks Thru”, which references the Black Lives Matter movement. “We need God to break through and heal our divided nation,” was what he said. (2)

    There was also this quote we found from a Fox News interview with tobyMac:

    “We should have a reality show on my tour bus. It really is Democrats and Republicans, it’s people that were raised in the ‘hood, and people that were at country clubs. It’s people from the west and the east. And we mix it up every night but we love each other.” (3)


    tobyMac – His Relationships

    The singer married Amanda Levy, a resident of Jamaica, in 1994. Together they have five children: son Truett, born 1998; twins Moses and Marlee, adopted 2002; Leo, born 2004; and Judah, born 2006.



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