• Trevor Noah

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Trevor Noah is a comedian, actor, and current host of The Daily Show. Trevor was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Noah started his career at the age of 18 acting in a Soap Opera called, Isidingo. He then started his own youth radio show called, Noah’s Ark. After doing more shows he eventually made it to Comedy. He did stand-up all over South Africa until he eventually came to the United States in 2011.  After doing more comedy he finally landed a job as the new host of The Daily Show in place of John Stewart.

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    Trevor Noah Religion

    Trevor is a Christian. When he was younger he went to a Catholic school in South Africa and attended church every Sunday. He is not very nice to the Atheist community and has been very vocal about this. Once he even tweeted that “Without God, atheists wouldn’t exist”.

    Trevor Noah Political Views

    Trevor is a progressive, but not politically progressive. He doesn’t consider himself a Republican or Democrat and focuses on himself. He seems to make fun of the right side more often, usually making fun of conservatives like Donald Trump.

    Trevor Noah Hobbies

    Trevor loves playing soccer and doing comedy. One of his favorite things to do is  make people laugh. He also is really active on social media and does a really good job of responding to his Twitter followers.

    Who is he dating?

    When Trevor Noah moved to America he left behind his girlfriend. Shortly after he started dating model Jordyn Taylor. They have been dating since 2015 but recent rumors of a possible breakup have been going around. Apparently Trevor Noah was seen on a celebrity dating app. Whether or not this means anything is up in the air. It might even be a fake account or he was just looking around out of curiosity.

    Random Facts

    Trevor can actually speak 6 different languages. Four of them are African and the other are English and German. When Trevor Noah was growing up his parents were actually in an illegal relationship. His mother was actually jailed because she was dating a white man. This was because interracial couples were not allowed. His father ended up moving back to Switzerland leaving his mom and grandmother to raise him.