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    Last updated: January 2, 2020

    Vanna White is an American television game show host. She is famous for being the co-host on Wheel of Fortune, a long-running evening game show. While not being as talkative as her co-host Pat Sajak on the program, Vanna is easily remembered by being the one that turns the letters on the puzzle, and for the fabulous evening wear she spots in every episode of the program.

    Born on February 18, 1957 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, she is an Aquarius. Her middle name is Marie.

    Vanna White and her beliefs in God and faith

    Vanna White – Her Religion

    White describes her as a “very spiritual person,” one that believes in God.

    “I grew up Baptist—I was baptized Baptist. I went, you know, I go to church,” Vanna explains. “Do I go to church every Sunday? No. But I have my personal relationship with God. I say my prayers. I am a Christian and I don’t preach, because I feel everyone’s entitled to their own religion and their own beliefs, but if anyone asks me, I am Christian and, I mean, I’m not embarrassed to say I am and I openly enjoy it.” (1)

    Vanna further explained her concept of a creator, and how one may life live according to God’s will:

    “Well, for me, God is good. I think when you’re a good person on the inside and you give people a good feeling or you’re a good role model for them and you live right, you’re good-hearted, kindhearted, I feel that’s the way we all should be. There would be peace in the world if everybody could be that way and not be greedy and all that stuff. So I just try to look at the best in every situation and live good.” (1)


    Vanna White – Her Politics

    White chooses to not share her politics publicly. When asked about which side she identifies with, Vanna’s response was:

    “I am not a political person. I hate politics. And I especially hate everything that’s going on, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, I—it’s everybody’s choice. I don’t get into it, but it just is making me crazy with all this stuff that is going on in our world.” (1)





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